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Register for free take-aways ordering system

Register for free take-aways ordering system

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. We can create a whole new website for you. If you want to keep your current site, that is also possible. We will only integrate the online order button into your existing website.

Yes there is one. You can test our Starter plan for 30 days. I’m sure you will be delighted with our app but for some reason if you are not happy you can cancel the service. No question is asked.

No contracts, no commitment. You can cancel at any time.

We do not endorse or encourage an email, fax, or desktop order taking solution, and there are many good reasons we have chosen to provide an app instead. In short, your online sales will be low if you take orders without the app we provide.

One way to increase your business is to provide existing customers with truly great service so they can order over and over again. The online ordering experience is part of this service. If you can accept and confirm orders in seconds while giving an individual delivery / pickup time, your customers will be delighted.

In order to get near real-time restaurant feedback, we first need to assure your customer that the restaurant is ready to take the order and make noise as soon as a new order arrives. Traditionally, the telephone assures the customer that the restaurant is ready to take the order. If you don’t pick up the phone in a timely manner, people are just calling elsewhere, right? It’s simple.

Using a mobile application is ideal for replicating what has been appreciated by customers when ordering over the phone and adding the benefits of online management as well. All you need is an affordable device for taking orders that is easy to set up and use, without much hassle.

Demand for order taking tablets / smartphones is minimal:

charging while running a good wi-fi signal (if you want to connect via wi-fi hotspot)
android v 4.1 or higher (with support for google play)
decent materials (that is – say do not collapse after 2 months of use and end up with a broken charger plug, displaced screen, etc.)

The problem is that when you open the Facebook mobile app, you won’t be able to see the apps / buttons / tabs that you have installed on your Facebook page. The reason is that Facebook mobile does not allow showing third party apps on mobiles. This does not apply only to our system, but also to all other applications made for Facebook.

However, we provide a smart link for posting to Facebook. You can use this link on the “Shop Now” call to action on your Facebook page, or to create pinned messages on orders. This smart link detects the type of device and serves the menu in the appropriate format, including mobile.

You can find your smart link along with step-by-step visual instructions in your admin area, under Post → Facebook. You’ll unlock Facebook and Shop Now sharing as soon as you publish the app to Facebook.

Screenshot of Facebook Sharing and Shop Now admin

You can make almost any logical association for bundle deals, top sellers, and / or super deals. You can change the name, description and category of each dish at any time. You can also fully manipulate your theme, categories and images of dishes. In addition, you can modify the “View menu and order” button by changing the color, font and even the text of your website and / or your Facebook page.

The colors and fonts of the online ordering menu cannot be changed, as we try to focus your customer’s attention on the food, ordering and the checkout process. This is why we have carefully designed the widget using neutral colors on purpose.

Plus, since the menu is your dynamic, ever-changing sales content, we’ve designed everything with web-friendly typefaces that display consistently on any browser or device, preventing errors from occurring. alignment or the nasty overlaps of new editions.

No. Web hosting is included at no additional cost. The online ordering system is a hosted service. We take care of the technical aspects so that you can focus on running your restaurant and keeping your customers happy!

Customers can pay by Cash, Credit or Debit Card at your restaurant counter when collecting their take aways.

For example, your restaurant serves both Chinese and Indian dishes on the same menu. You have the same categories (for example: starters, desserts, salads, etc.), but you have to use them 2 times, once for Chinese dishes, once for Indian dishes.
We suggest you create and name your categories like: Indian entrees, Chinese entrees, Indian desserts, Chinese desserts, etc.

The idea of ​​our product design is to simplify the menus because customers are confused by complicated menus and it is never good for selling online.

If you have other logistical / marketing reasons why you should have a clear separation of menus, then it is best to sign up with two restaurant accounts and take orders on two different mobile devices (e.g. there is has two different chicken meals cooked by two different chefs in two different places and people should not be able to order one Chinese menu item and one Indian menu item).


Yes. The system is already available in most of the languages ​​used and more are added each month by our community of contributors.

If you have not found your available language in the settings of the administration area, it is possible to speed up its uploading by translating certain parts in our translation module.

If you would like to contribute, just email us at Be sure to specify the login email address of your restaurant account registered with us, as well as the language that interests you.

Some of the payment instruments are popular and work well for the standard activity of an online store, but do not help sell when you need challenging and easy ordering capabilities, such as a food ordering system. This means that we can only work effectively with those who:

can provide an onboarding API (conversion drops by about 30% when you remove people from the cart to pay them);
support the card fee pre-authentication process (because missing or rejected orders can happen more often in a restaurant than in normal online store activity and you don’t want chargebacks and requests reimbursement) ;
have the ability to tokenize and reorder with one click by storing card data in a PCI compliant safe;
have very good commission charges for restaurants, which can provide a real business advantage. Paypal is not supported/endorsed in South Africa.

Register for free take-aways ordering system


Register for free take-aways ordering system